A Beautiful Lie

"You know it's a good trip when you bring someone back with you."

- Talking to a Glistig about a white stone-like tower in the city, there’s a ‘touchstone’ inside it that will heal (& wake?) the Glistig
- the tower is the center of this reality
- Options appear to be: go into (invade?) the city, and get the Glistig into the tower OR go to the invading horde, make ‘friends’ and use them somehow
- We decide to visit the horde, plan is to walk in and throw down with the Big Boss
- The screams of Elves and Glistig emanate from the camp, we see (at a distance) prisoners being skinned and eaten
- Charged by a welcome committee of giant, greenskinned, savage orcs that hardly resemble stepfolk (they’re ogres, actually), followed by some red-skinned, tailed, beasties with sharpened branching horns (demon-minotaurs?), and flocks of vrocks.
- Khadagan guts one right away (Ambuscade)
- Breaks throws down wall of fire
- Ithun uses her crown to subjugate 3 ogres
- Aarandyr misty steps and backstabs and orc
- Katya shoots with a long bow
- Our new Glistig Druid friend (Shambala) summons boars
- Ganji fires scorching ray
- Ellendyr chain-lighting, then talks Khadagan into praying for the Truth
- Khadagan prays for Nail to enter the dream and reaveal Truth (rolls a 1 … after using Inspiration)
- Ogres try to retaliate, don’t do much
- Breaks does more fire stuff
- Ithun commands Ogres to attack
- Arrandyr stabbity-stabs one down
- Katya does more ranged attacks vs Ogres
- Something tries to cast Dance of Ruin, Breaks go for Counterspell
- Katya gets bulldozed
- Shambala casts Fairy Fire, her summoned boars charge, doing damage
- Shambala takes damage
- Ganji casts Ice Storm, makes terrain difficult
- Ganji gets 7 pts Poison damage + ongoing, hit by a vrock, Ellendyr takes damage
- Screeching causes everyone to take Con saves (Katya, Shambala & Ganji fail, take sonic damage, are stunned)
- Ellendyr prays to Holly, Ivy, Apple & Thorn to be changed, ends with “…as the old Ellendyr falls away,” shatters his bell
- Smells apple, the deep roots of the Glistig forest reach up and cover him, shielding him from blows; finds himself in a strange place looking out over a battlefield – monstrosities are fighting, but can’t win again creatures that are constanly brought back to life around a spire. The creatures are weak & get smashed apart by monstrosities, but get reborn by the spire. Many spires set in valleys & on hills. These round-eared creatures (“lost their ear points”) are only fit to be used as a weapon against the enemy. Calls out Ramien Maltides name.
- A woman standing nearly in the field w/short, broad-bladed sword. She carries a blue shield with a white cross, leaning on fence, watching the battle. “I’m not/shouldn’t be here, why did you call me here? There’s no part of this that’s real. Who are you & why are you here watching that fall of the first veil?”
- Ellendyr: There needed to be a beauty among the lie
- Woman: GD it! Where is that white-furred SOB?
- Khadagan makes an insight check: Something strange about this situation, about these foes – realize that to truly randomize something, it must be intentional (threatens to eat his black fade apple)
*- Runs back towards the city, ringing his bell
*- Suddenly …
*- Shambala is faced with choosing ‘normalcy’ (for her) or ‘insanity’ (blue pill or red pill)
- Suddenly shes in a tent, filled with smoke (recognizes Arrivey) – can understand our language (couldn’t before)
- We’re all holding (except one – Errandyr) a glass bell etched in elven with our true-names (Comprehend languages DOES NOT work)
- There is arguing about Comprehend languages
- Shambala looks in one of Breaks’ mirrors to see if she is different
- Appears more normal & healthy than she’s been in a long time
- Khadagan sits up, looks around; seeing Shambala: You know it’s a good trip when you bring something back (possibly didn’t happen given the very next conversation)
- Ellendyr is approached by somebody: “Commander, you need to pull them (the heroes of Altan Urdu) out of this, we’re losing people”
- Oh crap, are we in the wrong bodies again?
- Everything sent to the West is simply gone, our seers go mad when they try to get in contact
- Old mothers won’t talk to the spirits, the nailers “won’t” talk to their ‘false god’
- “Won’t or can’t?” No answer from DM
- Ellendyr commands him to break our bells (rest of us still entranced?)
- Breaks is throwing up a pool of mercury – are you going to look into it?
(Apparently, when presented with the straight truth, we find it to be utterly incomprehensible)
- Ithun is pregnant, BTW
*- DM presents Shambala with a ‘game changing’ choice upon waking up in the insanity that is our reality: What do you?
- Shambala has many questions, start pacing, walks outside the tent
- Sees golden standard, hundreds of thousands of people, lights upon lights upon lights
- There’s a huge river full of ships of war, animal headed people wandering around
- Giant, pre-historic creatures sleeping/wandering around, etc. …
- Shambala is in shock, turns around walks back into the tent, puts her bell into the mercury, walks back out & heads towards the river for a swim
- Breaks perceives her (Shambala) ‘mirror’ being placed into his mirror
- On a spectrum of 10 beauty → 1 reality (none of which is true), he determines it’s a 5.5
- We’re now standing at the edge of a forest, standing at the edge of a city; reality is twisting & warping around us
- Ellendyr gets a saving throw, gets to pick reality (go to sleep or not)
- Chooses not to sleep
- In the forest behind us, ranks of Glistig warriors, in front of us is the city of Arivan
- No idea what to believe
- Ithun is puking in the nearest bush
- Khadagan decides to go to the tower
- Ellendyr follows (the last of the Arivan tribe, through tall fields of corn-like stalked plants hiding their approach)
(the Horde is approaching, columns of smoke in the distance)
- Arrandyr wants to sack the city, we are suddenly being ‘shelled’ from the walls
- Ithun: calls to Drowned River, a walking wall of water slams into the city walls – not penetrating, but putting the city under seige (asks: Is it possible to have multiple god-mothers?)
- Khadagan fails a Will save & stops to smell purple flowers in the field
- Breaks: casts Wall of Force to block huge flaming chunks of masonry being launched at us
- Arrandyr: does … something
- Shambala: locks the Glistig down, keeping them out of the city that they’re inexplicably drawn to.
- Ganji: Controlled burn towards the Horde
- Ellendyr: walking into town with Khadagan
- Khadagan: pulls lucid dreaming: “I’m a 1000 ft giant & I boot the tower”
- roll of vs DM: Khad: 6, Ellendyr: 15, DM: 15
- Khad’s minds twists as he becomes a giant seeking to knock the tower over, realize it can’t be accepted, different minds pulling/blowing in different directions – realize that everything we are experiencing is a lie. Including the part after that realization.

Caravan actions (we can’t act ourselves, so what have we done in the past to have things happen in our stead/on our behalf):
- Khadagan: Want gardeners to grow Purple Lotus, but only the gardeners can see it.
- Purple lotus may or may not exist in the world, it’s something I think I’m taking
- Ellendyr: Tries to get the gnome into an ironwood tree, gnome can’t simply be transplanted and notes that the ironwood, while pretty is “dead” (Ironwood dryads!?)
- Breaks: Wants to reinforce archers (+4 units)
- Ganji helps sacrifice a Horn Beast to boost to roll
- Ganji: Ritual led by urshi to boost morale of mage-core & old Mothers (opposed roll)
- Arrandyr & Katya: Start an orphanage

- Lost an entire co-hort of Scouts to the West
- Feel that we could bring some closure? safety? to the Arivan inside Maia’s dream. Some of us are questioning if that reality is entirely illusory or not.


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