Overheard in the High Temple of Arivan

“… afraid of the dark? Child, there is nothing to fear in the absence of bitter light. If anything, darkness is freeing. In the shadows, you can be anything you want be, do anything you want to do, and go where you will – all without fear of judgement or persecution. Light takes that away from you. Light pins you down and says ‘This is what you are, and nothing more.’ In the beginning was darkness and from it everything that is came forth.”
“But … bad things happen at night – thieves, murderers. Not to mention the scary things that creep about beyond the walls.”
“The cowardly and weak-willed may abuse the privileges granted by Mother Night. What of crimes committed shamelessly under the baleful gaze of the sun? Is the day any better or worse for them?”
“I – I don’t know. I just know that decent folk should be sleepin’. Safe, away from the monsters.”
“… sleep. I … used to sleep.”
“… say what now?”
“There is one who sleeps … very far away, in the cold of night.”
“uh …”
“But I am calling out to it. I will wake it, I will summon it, and it shall come.”
“H-how are you gonna do that?”
“Louder. I must call louder, or it will not hear. Rend the heavens, if I must, crack the earth. The sleeper will wake and come forth.”
“I-is that safe?”
“Does the salmon swimming upstream ask if the journey is safe? Or the goose migrating south for the winter? They do not question what is written in their very being, they simply act. To do anything else would be to live in conflict with oneself – to live a lie.”
“Livin’ a lie?”
“What? Sorry, I lost myself there – Where were we? Ah yes, the dark. Would you like to discuss that further?”
“Ah, uh, no. That’s okay. I … don’t think I’m afraid of the dark anymore.”
“Excellent. Go in peace – and remember: confession is confidential.”


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