Irregulars 01

An end to regularity

The Party
- Athens (Ralph): a red-headed noble gnome barbarian (Maggie)
- “That girl” (V, or Val): red-headed Meliei urchin fighter (Mary)
- Pytor: Glistig warlock (Bill)
- Edward: Elf cleric (Peter)
- Yorrick: Tiefling urchin (closeted) sorcerer (Paul)
- Sven: Glistig rogue guild artisan cook (Tim)
- Physle: Gnome wizard (Abi)
- Riswynn: Gnome bard (Grace)
- Zotah Zhaan: Rakshasa warlock (Dallas)
- A ragtag group of Irregulars is commissioned to venture beyond the wall, into the mirror forest (The Shiverglen), Gaius Claudius Lycius is the tribune who will be leading us (currently getting wasted in a tavern), we are also escorting an old Glistig ‘word keeper’
- Obtaining a seal, the party proceeds to requisition (somewhat on the sly) mounts for the journey
- Continuing to flash the seal in an attempts to get provisions, scamming the Quartermaster & very nearly getting into a fight about it
- Fresh, fully-treated provisions (1 month of food, assuming mounts)
- Lycius, throughly intoxicated, is hoisted onto his mount
- Atop the massive, slanted walls (think Hover Dam) we see the Forest of Mirrors – the Shimmerglens – extending to the east as far as the eye can see
- We are strapped into rapelling harnesses and lowered over the wall, birds in the sky below us
- 1/3 of the way down the wall, Kinku (sp?) land on the wall – hooking into the stone with claws, leaping back off and slashing at us with claws – Roll Initiative!
- Athens (Ralph): spins out from the wall & hits one with a pair of axes, doing 7 damage
- She gets hit back, but her scale mail repulse the attack
- V: springs off the wall, flips & fires her long bow (upside down), hitting the lead Kinku
- She takes 4 damage by another one attacking her from behind
- Pytor: casts Arms of Hadar, catching 2 of them – one twists free, the other gets caught in black necrotic flame
- on the wall, where the flame touches it, runes light up and extend outward for miles. The flames are drawn away into the runes, leaving the wall untouched
- Retailiating, the kinku slashes him for 9 damage
- Yorrick: casts Witchbolt at the nearest one (trapped in AoH) for 3
- The Kinku opens its gliding wings attempting to slash at him, and misses horribly (crit miss!)
- (Yorrick gets another attack): “Get away!” Thunderwave sends the Kenku hurtling off the wall and into the forest below – splat. Yorrick is also cast out from the wall, the rope saves him from being blown off – fraying a bit in the process – but he takes 4 damage
- Edward: Hits a Kinku with his “standard-issue entrenchment tool” (a mace)
- Suddenly the party gets a LOT of slack in the ropes from above
- Kinku retaliates, doing 4 damage
- ZZ: throws a javelin, catching one in the gut & avoiding a retaliatory attack
- Riswyn: attempts to stab one with a rapier & hits, pinning herself to one of the Kinku
- Athens: Str check to stick a javelin in the wall (succeeds), riding it down in a shower of sparks – this slows the fall for the rest of us (all of us being connected by the same main rope)
- Sven: Uses his kitchen knives on the Kinku assaulting Pytor, doing 5 damage & killing it
- He gets attacked, but missed
- Physle: Minor Illusion, but as she is also pinned to a Kinku with Riswyn, doesn’t do much
- V: hits w/longbow for 5 damage, sending it running off
- Pytor: misses with Force Blades, and is missed in return
- Yorrick: (still swinging wildly) casts Firebolt, hitting one for 4 & catching it’s feathers on fire
- ZZ: hits the same Kinku with Chill Touch, taking it out of the sky but drawing the attack of another for 7 damage
- Ed: yelling for less slack, cracks one for 4 damage – catches Yorrick with his free arm
- We close upon the slope along the bottom of the wall
- Riswyn: (still pinned to a falling Kinku) Attempts to deceive the Kinku into helping them land safely (rolls 6 Deception) – takes 8 damage from responding damage, uses Healing Word in response (4 hp)
- Athens (Ralph): continues to slow the party’s descent
- Sven: Stabs with a rapier (8 dmg) – killing one – and throws a knife at another (9), killing it
- Physle: casts Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, sending one into the woods below
- V: ties rope off of her own harness to an arrow and shoots the Kinku with Riswyn & Physle on it; she hits & kills it, providing a rope for them to get off
- Kinku attacks Sven, cutting into him; another attacks
- Pytor: Eldrich Blast does 3 damage
- Yorrick: (still being held by Edward, held by Athens): Attempts another Fire bolt, misses
- ZZ: does nothing (rolls a 1)
- Riswyn: (held by V) strikes with her rapier (4 dmg)
- Edward: S.I.E.T to the head (6 dmg)
- The party slams into the ground, some taking damage; mounts are hurt – lost a couple
- Claudius has a broken thigh, Edward attempts to set the leg & make a sledge
- V apparently knows the area, & leads us to safety (after sucking the blood out of some of the fallen Kinku)
- Party takes a short rest
- Claudius: Target is a ‘city of the lost’ where those who left the empire gather – Arryvan
- There may be legion forces – lost or otherwise – between us and there; we should avoid roads, if possible
- V does something weird with a tree
- party saddles up & moves out
- after a half-day rough journeying, it appears that the vegetation is dying off – unusual if we’re approaching a Melei grove
- The mists of the forest have us freezing cold
- Riswyn sees a campfire through the trees – possibly Legion, based on the way it’s setup
- Sven attempts Insight check, determines a number of individual campires (they’re doing nothing to chase away the mist)
- Suddenly we’re surrounded by lights, leaping up from the campires (edged in blue), the trees are bending down around us, cracked & broken; frost spreads out over the grass & trees
Roll Initiative! (facing cold, undead Will o’Wisp – type critter)
- Athens: Starts to rage, takes cold damage
- Riswyn: casts Faerie Fire (fails)
- Edward: casts Bless
- ZZ: hits a firepit with an Eldrich Blast, blowing firewood out – we see that the ‘wood’ is actually limbs of Legionnaries
- Yorrick: attempts to smother the flame with Acid Splash, but it dodges the attack
- Pytor: Uses his own Eldrich Blast to blast the fire
- V: attacks with shortswords, misses
- Physle: Chromatic Orb (thunder), misses
- Sven: 2 darts, 1 hits for 7 damage
- Floating fire creature attacks Pytor, gets repelled by Among the Dead (Sword Coast), attacks ZZ instead, doing 14 damage – she has to make a DC 10 Con save or die – she rolls 11
- Athens: attacks w/broadsword, misses
- Riswyn: Healing Word on ZZ for 5 hp
- Edward: invokes Sacred Flame (passes DEX save easily)
- ZZ: hits with Eldrich Blast for 7 dmg, blowing it apart
- we realize we’re in the middle of two graveyards, the Legionaries & the Melei grove


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