My mother takes her place
beneath the branches of the tree of life.
She is sheltered there from sun and rain.
She nurtured me from the roots
she fed me from abundant fruits
she showed me the beauty in the blossom
she guided me to trace the bark with my fingers.
She taught me to stand with my back against this tree.
That I may be supported in the days of prophecy.
I am a grown woman now
who has taken my own place here
sheltered by the branches of the tree.
The prettiest one, my mother gave to me, apple.
I stand here beside my mother, see I am near.
Green gold light patterning on our faces, dappled.
We look back through the garden gate wistfully
wondering when we will be allowed to return
to our rightful places.

My mother, she told me something the other day.
She said when she lays down to sleep
she lies perfectly straight to align her spine
to the tree of life.
She is a body prayer, breathing the names of Spirits.
Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Life’s true name is spoken
as my mother aligns her spine to complete the day.

Now I too align myself with that great wisdom tree.
The one promised to me. The one connected
to the very truth root that sets us free.
I don’t know the name of Souls my mother knows.
I just imagine her, breathing it for me. Inhale. Exhale.
Mothers do that you know, moderating our life flow.
Breathe for their babies in their red womb home.
The Queen did it for her itty bitty baby tree.
Born to help the blind to see. But do we?

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Oh! How I wish that was more true for me,
because my mother is the wisest woman on earth.
According to me.
She is dynamic combination of delight and severity
teaching me the view from the fence, or the tree.
With her camel bags packed with an ancient remedy
and the memories of our mothers
she leads our flock to safety.

I thank you my Good Mother,
She heeds the call, in naming me
for what she hoped I would become.
I pray for her sake alone, that I be a good apple!
I shall do my best to serve you
as my mother taught me, I’ll try.


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