Elf, Silver/white, pale skin, eyes turned solid white from seeing the END


Wiz diviner lvl 12 f lvl 1
Str. 14
Dex 18
Con 16
Int 20
Wis 13
Chr 11
Hp 113
AC 21 stud leath
shield +2 def fighting
spells typically chosen
fog cloud, counter spell, thunder wave, magic missile, invis, clairvoyance, L. bolt,, mirror image, Animate Object, Fabricate, conjure elemental, evards black tentacles, misty step, banishment, chain lightning

feats lucky, shield master


After being exiled from his own city state, for foretelling of its doom, Elondyr saw the futility of fighting the fates. And so seeing just far enough to know the end of the story, a choice must be made. I shall be on the side that wins, he thinks to himself. So should you see him opposite you on the battlefield, perhaps you should rethink your allegiances. As for his twin sister Arandyr, he sees only that they are side by side to the end and that she will not only tempt the fates but steal away whatever future they think they have in store for her.


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