“I hope you all feel like jerks for how you’ve been treating me.” —Khadagan

“You’re saying words I don’t understand. I’ll pick the mad frenzy now.” — Iron-Dear
“I think I’ll join you in that…” — Squee

“Doctor Living-Stone I presume?” — Vadim, to the Verge-Bedrock beneath the wall

“We’re making POP-CORPSE!” — Arandyr / Gonji

“In Soviet Russia, the cow rides you.” — Vadim

“Don’t ever piss off a Billy-goat on a bridge!”~ Guilloin

“Grab my ears and make me go!” — Edward, to Skarlax

“I’m going to keep making this noise until stuff makes sense, huuuuuurrrrrrrhhhhh…” – Athens/Ralph

“Is there anything magical, other than the sideboob?” — Grim

“I identify as an attack helicopter.” — Val (on her sexual identity)

“These are very diplomatic teas.” — Arandyr, having tea with a Rakshasa

“I learned this from my girlfriend.” —Khut, booting head.

“Did you find my dignity?” Katya, after going for a swim.

“Oh, the hu-manatee” – Khadagan, being polymorphed

“I wish this had been a pants day!” — Vadim

Ithunn — “Anyone up for a pillow bloodbath?”

“How do we know which boats we bought and which to steal?” -Vadim “Oh, you can have the boats.” -Moon-moon

“Why would you tip our hand?!?” -Khadagan “Wait, drugs and volatility, that’s our hand?” -Vadim

“I got a little Nohai tongue, but I don’t know how to speak the language.” — Khadagan

“Everybody bump Semek’s Wife!!” — Vadim

“I am a pretty PRETTY PRINCESS!!!!” -Khadagan, wearing a pink tiara, under Squee’s control.-

“I ain’t gonna assume that everybody who’s anorexic is a necromancer!” —Breaks Like Wind

“I will tell the story of how I met my wife.” — Khadagan

“Is this part of the bath?” — Khadagan

“I guess this is a no-pants day.” — Vadim

“Wait so we’re going to steal their beasts and then ambush them? I…I love you.” —Khut

“Is this madness?” “This is SQueee!”. —Squee

“The next time Sorqutani turns into a plant, I am going to deflower her.” — Khadagan

“Wheeeeeee…squish. Wheeeeee……squish.” —Squee

“I remember.” —Ithunn

“Are you OK?” — Khadagan. “YES! There’s OMELETTES!” — Squee


Death to those who are against the Fire Mother -Sorq
From the shadows… Tooootally love the Fire Mother – Arandyr

“I sense your anger Khadaghan” -Garden spirit
“Yeah I’m working on that.” -Khadaghan

To old empire patriarch “you’re teeth are geoooorgeos!!” -Squee

“Whose sword did you steal, Aran? "
“What are talking about it’s MY sword. " -Arandyr

Tolerance is the basis for friendship. -Khut nods towards Squee


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